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I love the flavors, the colors, the celebration that usually is behind it... (and yes, "Finishing Dinner" counts).


I know I've been spoiled. Growing up, my mom had her own cake decorating business way before Pinterest, and she always delighted us with wonderful creations at our birthdays. Then there was Christmas at my grandparents when everyone would bring their signature homemade treat: Buckeyes, Caramels, Butter Brickle... (imagine a Heath Bar reaching its God-given potential). My grandma would arrange all of the delights on a giant tray, pulling out her frosted sugar cookies from the freezer to add to the spread, and then we'd get to choose 2. That's right: 2. Dos. DEUX. ZWEI! What a cruel trick of the gods. How was one to choose?! But that's how it was for me growing up: desserts were a way to heap on the joy, an outward display of care and love, a symbol of Home.

Good Morning Bakery stemmed from a desire to give others that same sense of Home. The name comes from that warm feeling you have when you first get out of bed and smell bacon sizzling and cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. When your 6-year-old-self patters around the corner with your hair sticking up and goop in your eyes and someone you love smiles and says "Good morning!"


The format has morphed with happy exploration from baking for castmates during days off from the theatre, to running a little bakery selling customized cakes, to now a Youtube channel with my husband, Josh, that encourages others to spread the love and fun through decorating cakes. Though GMB has evolved, the vision has always stayed the same: that what I make will bring joy to whomever experiences it. And that with every view or bite they will be reminded of how they are cared for, cherished, and loved.

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